26 June 2009

Say No to Terrorism

While I’m posting pictures, here’s one I saw on the back of a motor scooter here.

I think this is based on the classy stickers you see on pickup trucks where people will display their loyalty to the brand of their truck. Like if you have a Ford truck, you put a sticker of this guy Calvin peeing on the Chevy emblem. It’s pretty highbrow stuff. Anyway, this one was a little confused. Here we have Calvin peeing on the emblem for Dodge trucks, along with the words “BIN LSADEN.” Does Bin Lsaden drive a Dodge??

1 comment:

JPGIV said...

It may be worth noting that the sticker is beneath a "Transformers" logo, so maybe the driver was trying to indicate their support for some (GM) but not all (Chrysler) American Cars?