18 August 2011

She Buys a Porsche

Yesterday I got an excited text from a friend who was picking up her new car, a Porsche 911 4S Cabriolet, red with black interior.  She was excitedly telling me how pretty the new car was and that she'd let me drive it when I get back to China in early September.

The only glitch was that she didn't really know how to drive the car.  She only got her driver's license a year ago, and has already had a couple small accidents in her current car.  Trying to pilot this high-strung sports car was not an easy task, so she spent the whole afternoon at the dealership learning how to drive it.

I remember one night she told me that her biggest dream when she was young was to be able to eat as many apples as she wanted.  Like most people in China at the time (30 years ago), her family was poor.  She grew up in a rural village in Jiangsu province in a simple one-room house with a dirt floor.  She remembers how her family would only be able to buy fresh fruit a couple of times per year, and even then she could only eat one piece.  She thought that she would be content if only she could have an unlimited number of apples and bananas!

Yesterday she paid for her new Porsche in cash: RMB 1,900,000 or about US$300,000.

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